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Oshun carpet in room with corner sofa

Associated Weavers Product Guide

Associated Weavers
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The Sedna "Varuna" and "Oshun" Collections

Two beautiful collections inspired by their namesakes: Oshun being a Nigerian river deity, and Varuna the ruler of the seas who lives in the depths of the ocean. Contact Craycombe Carpets & Flooring in Evesham for more information on the Sedna brand.

The iSense "Obsession" and "Suspense" Collections

The Obsession product range represents softness and indulgence, whilst the Suspense collection is all about class and unparalleled quality combined with lush, luxurious colours.

The Associated Weavers "Satisfaction", "Secret" and "Sensation" Collections

Three collections that deliver everything their titles promise. For pure harmony between yourself and your surroundings, explore the understated elegance of these captivating carpets.


Our carpets and flooring showroom boasts an all-but limitless selection of carpets from AW brands such as Sedna, iSense, Invictus and many more. 

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